Discover new betting sites

New betting sites are popping up on the Internet on an almost daily basis, so how do you find the best places for a flutter and steer clear of the dodgy ones? The answer’s simple: you don’t have to. At Betting Lounge, the better and more popular new sites are all laid out for you, taking all of the legwork out of UK online betting. Maybe you’re not interested in trying out new betting sites? Read on to find out why you should give them a chance.

A World of Betting Discovery

Betters tend to be creatures of habit, always frequenting the same bookies and often laying a favourite kind of bet. But online betting offers a world of new and exciting possibilities. No longer will you wear the soles of your shoes out traipsing between betting shops—they’re all waiting for you at your fingertips. While it might be tempting to keep using the same tried and trusted bookmaker that you’ve always used, you’ll be missing out on some great deals by doing so.

New Betting Opportunities in 2017

Betting Lounge gathers the finest UK bookies under one virtual roof, making it easy for you to make your bets in all the right places. This is a site that never sits still and keeps tabs on all the new and exciting UK betting sites. The best sites launched in 2017 all appear here. For a site to make it onto the Betting Lounge list, it has to bring something new to the table. That way, you can be sure of finding all the best odds and promotional deals.

Chancing it With a New Betting Site

You might ask yourself what there is to gain from trying a new betting site. Whatever your habits are up until now, there are benefits to be had from trying new betting sites. Here are some of them:

  • New betting sites often get creative by offering tempting bonuses and promotions. You can exploit the marketplace by taking up these offers.
  • Fierce competition for your custom is the driving force behind many different features and deals. Why not explore various UK betting sites to see what exclusive prices you can pick up? Many offer free bets as an incentive.
  • New betting sites offer fun and innovative ways to bet, perhaps with a new website design or interface and imaginative betting permutations.