Some Numbers That Can Help You Win at Sports Betting

Companies’ Pick Service

If you’ve been sports betting for a while now or if you are just getting started, you would surely have heard about those companies that recommend you to use their pick service. Most of these businesses offer guaranteed games or claim to have attractive rates over 80%. If you see such services, you need to stay away. No matter what they say, you simply can’t hope to win 80% of your games. Does it mean you will not be able to make money sports betting?

It is possible for you to earn substantial profits through sports betting but you will need to be realistic.

If you have discipline and can properly manage your bankroll, you will be able to create quite a significant passive income through betting. The most important thing here is to know the magic number. The magic number is 52.4%. This means you need to win 52.4 per cent of all your bets to break even if you continue betting against the spread with 11/10 odds.

Anything above this will be profitable for you. Even though you may not be that excited winning just 55 per cent, in the long run, this could result in some excellent returns.

The best way for you to go about this is by using a flat betting system or making same size wagers on all of your games. You should never use more than 5 per cent of your total bankroll for a single bet. This means if you are playing with $100, do not bet more than $5 per game. Compounding that over 12 months you will get a return of over 600% on your initial investment. That’s quite incredible wouldn’t you say? Compare this with other investments out there and you will know for sure that sports betting are a great way of making money.

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